Day Care And Camps

When we send our children to day care, we trust that they will be protected from harm.

It is a shocking betrayal of trust when the opposite happens and they are subjected to abuse at the hands of day care providers, counselors and caregivers.

Sexual abuse in day care and camps is truly tragic. Those centers and organizations should be held accountable when children suffer.

The attorneys at Grewal Law PLLC represent victims of sexual abuse, assault and misconduct. We work closely with families to seek justice after a child has been abused.

When Something Seems Wrong

Sexual abuse at day cares is not always obvious, because children may be too young to understand what is happening. Special needs children may be especially at risk, and may not be able to recognize or communicate that something is wrong.

Children should be completely safe at day care and camps. These facilities should perform thorough screening of job applicants. Background checks should be run. Children should be monitored and they should generally not be left alone with one member of staff.

In the case of camps, children may be away from home for days or weeks at a time. This gives abusers the opportunity to gain the trust of children and allows them to spend significant time with them. Sexual abuse by a camp counselor may be hard for parents to detect, so it is important for the parent to take what the child says seriously.

When parents notice something is wrong, they should take immediate action to protect their children. This means immediately removing the child from the facility and notifying law enforcement.

If your family has been affected by sexual abuse occurring at a day care or camp, you should consider working with an attorney who can help you seek justice. While nothing can undo the past, seeking legal action can hold the individual or facility responsible. You may also be eligible for compensation.

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