Physician/Doctor Abuse

Most people hold doctors in high regard. We count on them to accurately diagnose and treat medical conditions. We listen to their opinions and take their advice.

Unfortunately, some doctors abuse their authority and manipulate their patients. Sometimes this involves sexual abuse.

Given the unique relationship between a doctor and a patient, the patient may not question the procedure or conduct. The doctor may explain it away or downplay the patient's concerns. However, the patient may later realize that something was not right, and then decide to take action.

Speaking out is not an easy thing to do. Some victims fear the consequences of speaking out. Many feel like they may have misinterpreted a doctor's actions. Some fear that they won't be believed. And some are too young to understand what is happening.

At Grewal Law PLLC, we stand up for victims of sexual abuse and assault by doctors. We know how difficult it can be to come forward and ask for help. If you have experienced sexual misconduct by a medical provider, we invite you to contact us for a completely confidential consultation.

Notable Cases

We have represented victims of Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics national team doctor. We are currently investigating cases involving George Tyndall, former campus gynecologist at the University of California, and Richard Strauss, former physician at Ohio State University.

Read more about our recent cases.

Taking Action, Making Change

Sexual abuse by a medical provider is a profoundly traumatic thing to go through. Doctors who rape, assault or inappropriately touch their patients must be held accountable.

While the past cannot be changed, the abuse does not have to define the futures of survivors.

If you have experienced sexual abuse by a medical provider, you don't have to feel hopeless or alone. We can help you seek justice and move forward.

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