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Sexual abuse is a tragic &
life-changing ordeal to go through. But it does not define the victim.

Michigan Sexual Abuse Survivor Law Blog

Are medical boards responding properly to sexual misconduct?

State medical boards, with their authority over medical licenses and their disciplinary processes, could play an important role in keeping doctors who have sexually abused patients from being in a position where they could cause more harm. But are such boards currently doing enough in this regard?

A recent analysis raises concerns on this front. The analysis, by Kaiser Health News, looked at what sanctions the Medical Board of California has issued over the past 10 years when it comes to cases of alleged sexual abuse by doctors.

Abuse in youth organizations

For many young people, participating in youth organizations is an important part of childhood. Children are able to build friendships, learn teamwork, learn valuable life skills, and have fun at the same time.

The vast majority of children will have positive experiences while participating in these groups.

2018 saw a lot of clergy abuse news

Sexual abuse by members of the clergy causes deep harm. No one should have to face this major betrayal of trust. Unfortunately, 2018 showed that clergy abuse remains a major problem here in the United States.

Last year saw a considerable amount of news related to clergy abuse in the Catholic Church. Across the nation, reports and accusations arose bringing to light alleged instances of abuse and cover-ups within the church. One prominent example of this is the grand jury report released in Pennsylvania last summer, which contained reports of decades of clergy abuse.

How 'banned' are banned coaches?

Coaches can play a significant role in the lives of young athletes. Unfortunately, instances sometimes arise of coaches using this trusted position to prey on the very people they are supposed to be helping. Athletes are sometimes subjected to sexual abuse by coaches.

There are various routes for bringing justice for victims and protection for athletes when it comes to coach abuse. In the criminal justice system, abusive coaches can face penalties for the harm they cause. Meanwhile, the civil justice system can provide victims of coach abuse with routes for compensation.

Work culture can impact how free abuse survivors feel to speak up

Everyone deserves to feel safe at their place of work. Unfortunately, some workers are denied this by sexual abuse. Sadly, sexual assault does sometimes occur in the workplace. According to estimates cited by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, between 1993 and 1999, around 36,500 workers were victims of workplace rape or sexual assault.

One thing that can get in the way of survivors of workplace sexual abuse getting the support they need and deserve is such individuals not feeling they are free to speak up to their employer about what happened. Fears of facing skepticism, hostile responses and retaliation are among the things that could leave a survivor reluctant to report workplace sexual abuse.

Recognizing abuse within sports teams

Participating in sports is a quintessential part of the middle or high school experience for many students. Playing basketball, football, soccer, running track or participating in gymnastics are much-loved activities by young adults looking to practice their skills, compete, and participate in a team environment.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to school sports organizations.

Understanding the culture of cover-ups

Sexual abuse is a horrible, life-changing thing to go through. But many survivors get the support they need to move on with life.

However, in some situations, the institution in which sexual abuse occurred - a religious institution, university or country club, for example - may actively work to hide the abuse. 

Sexual abuse lawsuit brought against Ivy League school

Sexual abuse is a serious issue at college campuses throughout the nation. Sadly, we live in a world where students can end up being subjected to sexual assault or sexually predatory conduct during their pursuit of a quality education. Such abuse can have numerous and deep impacts on survivors. Legal claims may be able to help survivors in their efforts to move forward following being subjected to such abuse and its effects.

Campus sexual abuse can come from many different sources, not just fellow students. Sadly, students are sometimes harassed and abused by the very people they entrust with their education, their professors.

New Orleans archdiocese voluntarily releases clergy abuse info

In August, a grand jury report was released naming more than 300 predator priests in Pennsylvania, that, over the years, had molested at least 1,000 children – and possibly thousands more.

Now, 57 priests and clergymen in the Archdiocese of New Orleans have been publicly named as having been alleged of sexual abuse. Some of these cases go back decades ago, and some of these men have since died. Those who died had admitted to the sexual abuse of a minor.

Doctor abuse concerns at college campuses

It is not uncommon for college students to receive medical services on campus. Recent survey data points to it being pretty typical for college students to go to campus medical facilities around once a year on average. One would hope that all students would be treated with dignity and respect by campus heath care personnel.

Unfortunately, the trust college students and athletes put in medical staff at campuses is sometimes greatly betrayed. As some recent high-profile cases point to, individuals are sometimes subjected to sexual abuse by doctors at colleges and universities.

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